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Polygonal Slant | February 18, 2018

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Imad Khan

For the intrigued, for the inquisitive, for the well informed, and for those who wish to be more so, for the person seeking unique opinion, for the person tired of the standard fair, for the person that wants to disassociate from the trolls, and lastly for the self-respecting gamer, welcome to the Polygonal Slant.

The idea stemmed from a group of friends tired of the standard fare of gaming centric articles. Tired of the fanboy romps, and the ecstatic headlines marred with flamewars. Tired of how review scores undermine a piece of art as a whole, and annoyed with everyone else’s constant complaining. We wanted to create a different kind of gaming blog. One that doesn’t try and get their article up as fast as possible filled with grammatical errors and poor verbage. Our idea was to present well thought out pieces of works that go through an editorial process, are talked through, discussed, rewritten, and molded.

Our goal is to give readers a few good quality, well thought out articles a week, that are easy to digest, but have enough content to entail elaborate discussion. We do not want to become another blog roll website that just aggregates different headlines from other sites. We want our articles to entail thought, be shared, and discussed among friends.

Our site is new, so bear with us as we work out the kinks and deal with growing pains. If given some time, the Polygonal Slant will have a nice rhythm and will hopefully be become part of your weekly routine.

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